Monday, March 5, 2012

Used Car Blues

My car has set up residency at my local mechanic. 

I haven't driven the car in nearly four months.  It all started a few days before Thanksgiving when the transmission died.  After a couple of grand, I got the car back only to drive it a week before it began to "miss" badly. New spark plugs and coils -- those things that sit on top of the plugs -- didn't make a difference.  The new diagnosis -- a new fuel pump.  The car, actually a Jeep Liberty, was still sick.

One mechanic suggested a new engine -- the second opinion recommended the same.  So now, the Jeep has a new, used, engine. The "miss" is gone, but now it has trouble starting -- the new fuel pump was the chief suspect, so it was replaced, but guess what -- it still has trouble starting -- so now -- the mechanic is recommending I replace the little device that sits between the fuel pump and the engine. 

We'll see.  There's not too many other things to replace so I essentially have a new car, but after a Saturday night hail storm -- with hail the size of ice cubes -- the Jeep could use a new paint job.

Ka-ching, Kaching.