Monday, September 6, 2010

Tied to a Stray Tom Cat

A big yellow tomcat has been hanging out in the compound -- and apparently chased away our big yellow tomcat. The other evening, I attempted to scare away the stray tom, but he bit me on the hand -- a deep wound. He's still here -- flirting with our female felines.

The doctor suggested that I get a rabies shot -- just in case.  The first of three shots I got today will prevent rabies, but won't help me if I am already infected. For that, I will need a series of different rabies shots.

The doctor said if the stray cat dies within the next six days -- then I will need to take these different rabies shots -- which cost $1500.00.  So....I need to make sure the stray tomcat hangs around the compound so I can watch him.

Tonight -- I fed him for the first time. He looked at me -- suspiciously -- before he started chowing down. He cleaned the plate.

Just now, he's hanging out with one of the female cats -- she's doing a mating dancing for him -- lying on the tile patio -- turning herself around and around. He's sitting in the corner -- contentedly watching her.

Only five more days -- hang in there Stray Tom.  Tomorrow, for breakfast, maybe some caviar?