Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day - Marshall, NC

Weather is tough to predict in these mountains, but the forecasters got it right this time. They predicted a white Christmas here in the western North Carolina mountains – and, as if on cue, the snow started this morning and grew heavier and heavier throughout the day. By nightfall, there were nearly three inches of snow – and as I look out the window – it’s still coming down.  Here are some photos from our mountain farm.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Morning Shows in America

In my eight years living outside the United States, I had forgotten what it's like on morning television in America. I mistakenly thought I might get a bit of world news. What I found were stories on: the importance of checking the expiration date on toilet paper, the benefits of diet water and Lindsay Lohan's perspective on the world. 

I felt I fully understood American society after tuning in to the morning news in America. 

Over on the BBC -- reporters analyzed the Senate-ratified START nuclear treaty, focused on near civil war in Ivory Coast and mail bombings in Switzerland. 

I flipped back to one of the US TV networks and found a reporter getting Lohan's analysis of the benefits of drinking alcohol while watching the morning news programs.