Thursday, September 18, 2008

Facebook Follies

A friend sort of broke up with her boyfriend after he hacked into her Facebook account and deleted it. He was angry that she had men friends and he'd just moved to another country and apparently felt threatened. She decided to test his loyalty.

My colleague created another Facebook account, used a different name and found some photos of an attractive woman -- using those photos for her profile and photo album. Next, she invited him to be her friend.

He took the bait.

Over the next few days, he proceeded to tell "her" all about herself -- not realizing he was chatting with his old girlfriend. She let it ride for a few days til the other day when he informed her that he'd found the girl of his dreams. She was furious and wound up telling him that the girl of his dreams was actually her -- his old girlfriend.

I expect this story will have a happy ending once the storm blows over.

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