Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Remembering Uzbekistan

When I was in Uzbekistan a few years ago, I stopped in Bukhara for a few days and happened upon this rather strange event. It was a fashion show featuring Bukharan and Russian models inside the Nadir Divanbegi Medressa. They wore a mix of traditional and modern clothing and were dancing to traditional Tajik music. The models' runway attitude and walk were straight from the Fashion Channel.

The 154 foot high Kalon Minaret was built in 1127 and stands in the heart of old Bukhara. Chinggis Khan was apparently so impressed with it when his Mongol forces arrived in 1219 that he ordered that it be spared. The Kalon Minaret used to be the tallest structure in Central Asia. It is also where a number of unfortunate souls lost their lives. When they angered the ruler, they were sometimes tossed from one of the minaret windows in a sack.

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