Sunday, May 10, 2009

Under the Coconut Trees

Not a good idea to sit under coconut trees especially if the coconuts are ripe and ready to fall. Periodically, I read stories here about people who have parked under coconut trees and wind up with broken windshields! Below is a photo of a beach I visited for the first time today. Lots of fishing boats, but almost no one on the beach.

This is a traditional fishing boat. This is what most fishermen use.
These boys put on a show for the camera.
From the beach, off in the distance is Atauro Island. It's a two hour ferry ride.
This beach is not easy to find -- drive off the main road onto a dirt road, pass the school and around behind the church and to the right side of the graveyard. As you exit the coconut grove, this is what you see.

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