Saturday, July 25, 2009


I had viewed cats from afar, until I moved to Timor-Leste. I inherited three cats upon my arrival. A tabby called Maria, a big yellow male named Tony and an older calico, named Mama Kat, that has had a zillion kittens in her day.
Mama Kat had six kittens in May, but four fell through the ceiling and died and one just disappeared. Now, she has one. We're calling the kitten Rosa for now.

Maria is spooked easily, she is always watching -- when Mama Kat comes near -- she growls -- aggressively. Mama Kat just gives her a "look" and moves on -- occasionally, Mama Kat chases her away. Most times, though, it's just growling.
Tony, the big yellow cat, is something of a diplomat. Being a male, he travels in both circles and gets along with both Maria and Mama Kat. He's the healthiest eater of them all -- although, little Rosa comes in a close second. She's no longer nursing and usually eats in the bowl with Tony. Rosa also plays with Tony a lot -- whereas -- Mama Kat just seems really tired.

Maria is now pregnant and will have kittens soon. She has become more friendly and never misses a meal anymore. She used to skip dinner. Now that she's eating for herself and "others" she's a regular on the back porch.
None of the vets here in Timor can spay or neuter -- so there's not much to be done to keep these cats from multiplying.

They're calling me. It's time for dinner!


Eric said...

So, how do they get along with the rooster? Or did he become dinner already?

Radio Nomad said...

He's in his own little corner of the compound. Tony, the big yellow, cat just sat and stared at Rooster Cogburn when he first arrived, but he's ok, now.