Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jacket, Please!

I never thought I would write about the joys of wearing a jacket. I also never thought that 60 degrees would be considered cold. Yet, when I traveled into the mountains of Maubisse two weeks ago, I did take my jacket, even though the temperature in Dili was a humid 92 degrees. I felt a bit silly carting it along, but was glad I did.

As soon as our vehicle began to climb into the mountains, the temperature began to drop along with the humidity. By the time we reached Maubisse, three hours later, it was a very pleasant 65 -- and the fog was starting to roll in -- by nightfall, I needed my fleece. The temperature dropped to around 60.

It had been a long time since I'd worn a jacket. It felt strange, but comforting. I realized that I missed wearing jackets. There was something kind of quaint about it -- particularly on a tropical island where it is almost always hot and humid.

The fog rolling in and the rain shower that followed was absolutely fantastic -- I hadn't seen fog in a long time -- and then just before sundown -- a beautiful rainbow.

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