Sunday, August 29, 2010

The West Wing - Pirated

I had never taken the time or maybe had the time to watch a full episode of the West Wing until a few weeks ago. It is a show that I'd always wanted to see. I happened to be in the DVD shop and saw all seven seasons on the shelf and grabbed the first two.

Let me say that it is impossible to buy a genuine version of any DVD here, all you can find is pirated copies for about a buck-50 per disc. So, for about ten bucks I got the entire first season. Buying pirated DVD's is always a crap-shoot, the biggest problem, of course, is no quality control.

Most discs play ok -- but buying a whole season of a TV show can be a real gamble.

The first two discs played fine. Disc three refused to play, but I was persistent and after about a dozen attempts it worked, but I was afraid to stop the disc, so I watched all four episodes. Disc four and five were ok, but then on disc six, the final episode of season one froze up in the last five dramatic moments. It refused to budge.

This isn't the first time I'd gotten burned by pirated DVDs. The only solution is to go online and attempt to find the script. Thankfully, the West Wing scripts are readily available and I was able to read the season finale.

I bookmarked the page because I hope to find time this next week to watch -- er -- read season two.

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sobhi singla said...

the west wing episodes is one of my favorite show.all the character of show doing a good roll.last season of the show is awesome.that was the most popular season other seasons.