Friday, December 24, 2010

Morning Shows in America

In my eight years living outside the United States, I had forgotten what it's like on morning television in America. I mistakenly thought I might get a bit of world news. What I found were stories on: the importance of checking the expiration date on toilet paper, the benefits of diet water and Lindsay Lohan's perspective on the world. 

I felt I fully understood American society after tuning in to the morning news in America. 

Over on the BBC -- reporters analyzed the Senate-ratified START nuclear treaty, focused on near civil war in Ivory Coast and mail bombings in Switzerland. 

I flipped back to one of the US TV networks and found a reporter getting Lohan's analysis of the benefits of drinking alcohol while watching the morning news programs.


Granny Sue said...

I realized one day that the morning shows were really just advertisements. No real news, just commentators urging us to buy, see and do all things that cost money. There was literally nothing to watch, so out went the TV about 3 years ago and we've yet to regret that decision. Loving your blog so far. It's a nice place to visit.

Robyn said...

In the gym yesterday I saw two shows which are not in the morning but can easily be added to your list of inane US TV programming: The Dr Oz Show and TMZ (a celebrity gossip show.) Happy New Year!

Katherine said...

whooo...i guess i'll stick with the bbc
does toilet paper expire????