Friday, July 15, 2011

Endless Waiting

I met a couple in Baucau the other day who told me a story that breaks your heart.

The man, Alberto, sat with his hands in his lap and his eyes on the table in front of him -- he spoke softly. His voice sounded tired and hopeless.

Alberto explained to me that on June 9th, his daughter went missing. "The last time I saw her, she was standing in the kitchen at the house. Since then, there has been so many sleepless nights."

It's a complicated story.

It began about two years ago when his then 16 year old daughter became pregnant. The father of the child is a married man who lives next door. He has admitted being the father, and agreed to pay $2,000 in child support, but never paid a dime.

The man's wife apparently made threats to the girl's family and according to Alberto, told him and his wife, that she was going to kill the girl. That same day, the girl disappeared. The police were called and they interviewed the woman who made the threats, but then she apparently denied making them. The police said it's her word against theirs and since there were no other witnesses, nothing can be done.

The police have launched a search for the missing girl, but Alberto says they have no leads.  He and his wife are caring for their two-year old granddaughter -- praying they will get some good news soon.

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