Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spirits and Clint

I've always enjoyed Clint Eastwood's movies. He's matured as a actor --- and as a director, he just keeps getting better and better.

Tonight, I watched Hereafter, and realized he is an absolute incredible storyteller. Something about the movie really struck me. It was the subject matter, in part, but also the way he weaved all the elements together. His characters were believable and likeable. Nothing seemed forced and he didn't insult your intelligence.

As for the subject matter....of course, who knows what the hereafter is like -- if there is a hereafter. It's nice to think there is "something else" out there, but I'm afraid this just might be it and we'd better make the best of what we have in the here-and-now.

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Storm'n Norm'n said...

Ref:"...who knows what the hereafter is like -- if there is a hereafter"

Your comment caught my reminded me of a comment I made in reply to some kid's remark:

"You say you’re just a kid…well I hope that I can put this in the simplest to understand, for you see I’m just an old guy…and most of us old guys are too old to lie and definetly too old to hate, we have to start wondering if the hereafter is really going to be there when we cross over to the other side. If you practice a religion, or even if you do not, it is pretty much understood that we end up somewhere over that fence that divides us from life and death either in good pasture or a dismal swamp based on how good or bad we were on the lively side. Some people call these places heaven or hell and the Judge (some people call Him God) will decide where we are going based on the decisions we made when we were able to make decisions (remember this for your entire life that once you are dead you can no longer make decisions so make sure all your decisions today are good) So there are a number wrong decisions one can make (some people call these sins) that the Judge will assess as to where He might send you…
As no one knows how much the Judge will tolerate we do know that the worst decision one can make is to hate. Now hate is a pretty powerful word and should not be used unnecessarily where the word dislike would be more appropriate. Take me for instance…I hate nobody…I love my wife but I like my blueberry pie…I do not like those greasy onions that come with fried liver. I don’t hate anything…if I’ve ever said I hate something it was when I was just a kid and didn’t know the true meaning of the word.
You alluded to the idea that somewhere in Maggie’s blog that there might be some hate (You said, “No hate please.”)
Now I have read much of Maggie’s blog and nowhere in it will you find anything that even comes close to hate…you may not agree with everything she says but that should be the time when you should evaluate or as some would say, “have an open mind”
Some things in life need to be “all the same”. We all need water to live and thats not too boring so before you express your views think them through to the end result…if the outcome is good then you’ve made the right decision.
The statement you made above:

"this website has got to be the most narrow minded conservative christian website out there i mean wow this is almost funny. and daryll the kkk was founded by men of the confederate army after the civil war wich was if you go back to history and check it instead of making something up was over civil rights and so dont go saying conservatives are not racist i mean what party hired some one to act like president Barak Obama for a republican party get together?"

You should check it instead of making something up!"

It was posted here: