Sunday, May 20, 2012

Covered Bridge

There are often "things" along the way that you want to see, but you just don't take the time to see them. Yesterday, I took the time to see one of those "things."

I regularly travel to nearby Greenville, South Carolina for a change of scenery and along the way, on US Highway 25, is a sign for Campbell's Covered Bridge.  I even Googled it once and discovered it's the last surviving covered bridge in the state of South Carolina.  Yesterday, on my way back to Asheville, I detoured off the main road and travel along a beautiful country road for 11 miles or so and turned off to the right and there it was -- a beautiful old plank bridge surrounded by trees and a gentle creek flowing beneath.  It was peaceful.

I'm glad I took the time to slow down and make that detour.  The bridge is not spectacular, but it was refreshing to walk across it and for a few minutes imagine the sound of horse-drawn buggies and maybe even a Model T or two....creaking their way across those wooden planks.
The bridge was built in 1909.


ruzzel01 said...

It was familiar at first, until I remember it was like those places i see on fairy tale books.

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