Saturday, July 14, 2012

Prediction: Mitt Romney May Not Be the GOP Nominee

Mitt Romney is the presumed GOP candidate for president, but will he actually be the nominee?  I can't help but think he might not be unless he changes course. 

He is now adamant about not releasing any more of his tax returns -- that is creating suspicion that he must have something to hide. Even some Republicans are urging him to release more than the last two years' worth of documents.  Romney made it clear yesterday he would not.

The tax returns may be the least of his worries. 

His relationship with Bain after 1999 is the bigger problem and his refusal to clear the air is turning this into a bigger and bigger campaign issue for the Obama camp. Romney is sensing that he's in trouble, but in five different appearances on various networks on Friday, he just created more suspicion. Again, even some republicans are wondering why he doesn't just clear up these discrepancies and move on.  Why give the Obama campaign more ammunition?

Will the Romney campaign self-destruct?  It seems to be heading further down that path each day, but the campaign doesn't seem to understand what is happening.  Arrogance? Ignorance? Naivete? Maybe, all three.

Many republicans simply don't like Romney, but say they'll hold their nose and vote for him. However, if he doesn't make the Bain employment and tax return issues go away soon, they could overwhelm the campaign.

I wouldn't be surprised if some republicans and their millionaire/billionaire donors are not scouting around to see who might be the best candidate to step in should the Romney campaign self-destruct before the convention. 

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