Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas '12

No white Christmas in my neck of the woods this year. Instead, it was a bit balmy.  I'll take that over frigid temperatures. Somehow, if there's snow, I don't seem to mind the icy temperatures.  I guess it must be the expectation -- snow+cold=acceptable.

Took a walk in the woods with our little black dog, Blackie or Bear.  He's part chow and looks like a little bear with the shortest of legs. He bounces along the trail and really pants a lot along the way.

He had a hard early life -- his previous owner apparently used to beat him and starve him.  He's such a cute little guy -- I can't imagine why anyone would ever hit or harm an animal. 

Blackie or Bear is so fiercely loyal. Even though he seems to struggle to keep up on the trail, he insists on coming along each time I go for a walk.  We stop regularly to let him catch his breath.

He loves to eat popcorn when we get back home.