Friday, March 12, 2010

A Cat Story Part 2

In the last blog, I wrote about Nilla losing her kittens to a huge male cat -- new to the neighborhood. Nilla, naturally, continues to produce lots of milk and she appeared to be in pain from the pressure.

My other cat, Marie, had kittens a couple of weeks before Nilla had kittens, but had moved them out of the compound. The idea was that if I could find her kittens then maybe they could nurse Nilla.

This morning, I got lucky and heard the cries of some kittens. I looked over the neighboring fence and there they were. The neighbor handed them over the fence and I took two of Maria's four kittens to Nilla.

Nilla was so excited. She began to lick them and they immediately began to nurse. Forty minutes later, they were still nursing. Nilla has lots and lots of milk -- and is now very content.

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