Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Traumatic Night

Nilla is one of my five cats. She just had kittens about three weeks ago. They were beautiful little white and yellow critters and they opened their eyes about a week or so ago.

They slept in a box on the back porch and the other four cats and the other neighborhood cats got along with them great. But last night, a new cat, one that I had never seen, showed up.

Unfortunately, I didn't see this cat until after he'd climbed into the box and attacked and killed the kittens. As I opened the door to the back porch, he took off. He, too, was a beautiful cat -- white with yellow spots and a yellow tail. He might have been the father. Who knows?

I had grown attached to the kittens and was so happy for Nilla, their mother. As some of you may recall from an earlier posting -- Nilla lost her mom, to kidney failure, when she was still a kitten.

Nilla is still in shock -- she paces a lot and hardly touches her food. The other four cats seem to understand - they have stayed close to her today.

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