Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Power Perspective

I read an article recently about power interruptions in Maryland. People were complaining that over a six month period, the power had flickered off for ten seconds or so -- more than half a dozen times. Other outages lasted a few minutes or an hour.

If only we experienced those outages in Timor!

Power interruptions are a daily occurrence. Today, the power went off around lunch time -- it's now 7:30pm and it's still off.  Yesterday, the power was off for five hours -- the day before -- 4 hours -- and so on and so on.

No one seems to know why the power goes out so often.

It used to be better. It only went off on Sundays for about five hours. Now, it's daily.

But we're lucky here in Dili compared to those living in the districts. Their power is on from 6pm until midnight -- every day.

Let's hear it for backup generators!

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Storm'n Norm'n said...

I used to live in Belpasso, Sicily back in '78. The owner of the condo we rented would turn the heat on when it got pretty cold in the winter...at 7 PM til 10 PM...the remainder of the time had to be spent wrapped in blankets or clothed like you were outside. Another thing that I experienced while living on that Island is that marble floors radiate cold like you would not believe...especially when there's no insulation below. Lucky that the winters are very short...even though it was more than halfway up Mount Etna...the volcano, but that's another story.