Friday, January 7, 2011


When you look at this picture -- what does it bring to mind? Please feel free to leave a comment and your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

First of all, you don't know me; I was just on my blog and decided to hit the 'next blog' button, and up came your blog. I'm not a creeper, promise. So I hope it is okay if I tell you how I feel about that picture, like you asked.

It makes me feel lonely, yet at the same time, refreshed. The blanket of white over everything in sight- which there is not much in sight- leaves a feeling of solidarity within me. Something about the snow is just unsettling to me - always has been. The long crack that divides you on one side from the building and whatever else lies beyond, makes me feel as if I am leaving whatever is over there forever, and that I am starting on a new journey. All I have to do is turn around and start on my way.

I hope that my commet doesn't creep you out.

Radio Nomad said...

Cate, thanks for taking the time to leave a very thoughtful comment. The photo was taken near my parents house. The building sits over a spring. I'm told the water is very cold in the summer.

Mopish Molly said...

"Broken - not sprained" ?

If you want to be all apocalypse-y, you can go wtih something like:

"Hell came to Earth not accompanied by a resounding crash and a crescendo of volcano eruptions and children's screams of agony - just a quiet shuffle of moving dirt muffled in the snowfall.

The world didn't end - it just got fuller, busier.

The single witness to this momentous occasion - an old mountain woman living by the crack - had no one to tell.

She did have a penchant for large, warm headgear. So it came to pass that Satan now wears an Ivan fur hat."