Saturday, January 8, 2011

White Out!

Less than three feet in front of me, through the window, a winter storm is raging. The snow, at times, is horizontal as it strikes the nine inches of snow already fallen. The wind, periodically, creates white out conditions -- the mountain that is 200 yards away -- has disappeared in the blowing snow. Visibility at times is 50 yards or less.

It's peaceful.
Since childhood I have enjoyed watching it snow. Today, I am sitting by the fire, in front of my computer, writing a report and wishing I had time to play. Maybe later today -- when the report is closer to being "a wrap!"

The photo above is my view through the window as I work -- just beyond the evergreen --- about 150 yards -- is a mountain -- invisible today.


Kate Wilson! said...

This is so great!
There's no snow here at home and it doesn't really feel like winter. I miss it!

Radio Nomad said...

We have plenty of snow to share! I'll send some right over!