Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Customer Service

After missing out on Customer Service for the past eight years, I am getting re-acquainted with Customer Service -- US style. I notice that they apologize a lot -- and more often than not -- are unable to resolve the issue -- yet -- they are "truly" sorry about it.  Today, I had to call a mobile phone provider about "middle of the night" multimedia SMS's that threaten to kill me if I didn't forward the threatening email to 20 other people immediately. It was 3 a.m. I'm sure my friends would appreciate receiving this SMS as much as I did.

I provided the provider with the phone number from which the threatening SMS had been forwarded, but was told the only thing they could do was to block all SMS's. Hmmm......that's like using a machete when a scalpel is needed.

Instead, I had suggested they contact the person and ask them to stop.  It seemed the logical thing to do, but the customer service representative informed me that was impossible.  "We can change your number," she suggested, but I told her I prefer keeping my number.  She apologized and said "is there anything else I can help you with" and I said "no, thanks" and I was told to have a wonderful day -- click.

Later, on a separate issue, I tried to reach an internet provider about whether it could provide internet to my rural area. I dialed a local number here in North Carolina, but spoke to a Customer Service Representative half way around the country -- she informed me that I should be talking to a local representative, but then said, the local office in North Carolina is not allowed to accept incoming phone calls.  I gave up and hung up. Maybe I would have more luck with a Customer Service Representative in India or the Philippines.

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