Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tasty Apples -- Where Have They Gone?

What has happened to apples?

I've given up trying to find tasty apples at supermarkets. The ones on the produce counter look appetizing -- large, beautiful and perfect looking -- but take a bite and it's like eating truly tasteless pulp.

I remember the days when I could buy a basket of apples at the local supermarket and they tasted like apples. I'm not sure why our apples are so tasteless -- genetic-engineering?  That goes for strawberries, too. Big and beautiful, but no taste.

It's really a shame that many young people may never know what an apple or a strawberry, for that matter, are really supposed to taste like.

This sounds conspiratorial, but it almost seems as though we are being programmed to eat this tasteless fruit -- especially if we rely only on supermarkets. I have been very fortunate to eat apples -- and strawberries -- from Central Asia - where they are loaded with flavor and very addictive!

My next stop is the farmer's market -- better yet -- my dad's apple orchard.

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Marty Carpenter Meeker said...

Yes, where have they gone! I am old enough that I remember all fruits as scrumptious treats. And, I hate that they wax apples. Many fruits and vegetable are hybrids to expand the quanity of the crop and not necessarily the quality. You have been blessed to be able to travel to other parts of the world.