Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hickey Fork Waterfall Trail

Today's hike was on a  little known trail in the mountains around Laurel in Madison County, North Carolina. It was an absolutely terrific hike -- and great weather: cloudy with a threat of rain-- a little bit of wind.  The trail is mostly covered with lots and lots of wildflowers, downed trees and rhododendron. There were also a lot of tall majestic hardwoods.

The destination was a couple of waterfalls -- both were extremely difficult to photograph without climbing down a very steep bank covered with dead brush and trees.  I had hoped to reach the base of the upper falls, but again, too difficult.

Cool Bridge at the Hickey Fork Waterfall Trailhead

Unidentified Please Help!

Dwarf Irises

Unidentified - Please Help!

Lower Falls

Upper Falls


If a tree falls in the forest.....
This trail is very remote and I really felt that I had stepped back into time. The only tell-tale sign was the sound of an occasional plane high over head.

Feel free to help identify some of the wildflowers above!

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Teresa said...

Dwarf Iris, yes!