Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Magic Bowling Ball

Bowling is not something I do well. I've bowled maybe a dozen times in my life. Over the past month or so, I've been three or four times.

Yesterday, as I was throwing the ball and it went down the lane -- it suddenly veered into the gutter, hit a raised edge of the lane and leaped into the lane to my left -- bounced and hit the board above where the pins were standing.

It looked like something out of a comedy routine.

The guy next to me was something of a serious bowler -- probably a league bowler.

As I watched my ball do acrobatics before finally settling into his gutter -- I told him that I had tried to bowl a strike for him. He didn't seem to find the humor in the comment.

It was truly bizarre and the whole thing happened as if in slow motion.  It caught the attention of everyone in the bowling alley.

I should have taken a bow.

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Ivana Watkins said...

Moments like that one make life fun. Interesting blog. I'll definitely stick around :)