Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Return to Asia

I am writing this from the departure lounge at Chiangi Airport in Singapore where I am surrounded by others who are making their way to East Timor. I am returning there for a few weeks on a consulting mission.

I have written about Singapore airport before, but it remains first class. One of, if not the best airport, in the world. Lots to do and easy to get around.  Shoot, it's even got a swimming pool, but I arrived too late to take advantage.

I write with a fuzzy brain and sleepy eyes after only about three hours of sleep. I can't sleep on planes, which is unfortunate when you are flying more than 23 hours. The transit hotel here in Singapore was comfortable, but I had been awake too long to even sleep -- too tired to sleep.

I am looking forward to reconnecting with friends and colleagues in Timor. It'll be my first return since my departure in December of last year -- after having lived there for two years.  On this trip, I will get a chance to delve deeper into some of the programs that are designed to make life better for the Timorese people.

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