Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sloooowwwww Internet

For the past few months I have enjoyed a DSL internet connection in a small town; however, I am about to move to an internet dead zone -- or  near dead zone.

I am taking up residence in a rural area outside this small town -- where there are very limited options: dial-up, ridiculously expensive satellite internet and a slightly faster than dial-up service via air modem through a local phone company.

The first thing I had to do was get a device to boost the mobile phone and data signal -- the mobile phone didn't work at all.  So, for 350 bucks I bought a booster that includes an outdoor antenna mounted about 20 feet into the air.  I went from no bars on my phone to four bars -- impressive! The data service; however, remains only slightly faster than dial-up -- forget watching YouTube or live streaming. 

It is going to be difficult to step back to a slow internet connection; however, I do have a great view outside my window of a beautiful mountain covered with trees -- the same mountain that is blocking my high speed data signal.

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