Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moldova: Cold

The cold has descended on the village of Giurgiulesti in southern Moldova; however, the heat has just barely come on at the house where I am staying. The radiators are lukewarm, but at least they knock off the chill.  For some reason, my hosts decided the best solution last evening was to give me two plastic bottles filled with hot water rather than to turn on the gas furnace. If the furnace is anything like the one I had in Tajikistan, it's complicated and a bit of the dangerous side.

As for those two bottles: "for the feet," my host said.
"For the feet!"
Thankfully, I had packed thermal clothing and a good knit cap.  They helped tremendously.

This morning, my host proudly announced that he would turn the heat on today and sure enough, at lunch time, the place was slightly warmer than cold.

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