Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moldova: More Homemade Wine!

My stay in Moldova has been an absolute thrill and delight.
The wine in this plastic jug might just be the best I had all week!
I spent most of my time sampling homemade wine from my wonderful hosts in the village of Giurgiulesti. Almost every family I met makes their own wine and takes great pride in doing so -- they also love to share it.

On my last evening in the village, I was invited to my colleague Monika's house.
I savored every sip.

The wine this particular night might just be the best I tasted all week -- although, I can't be sure. It was absolutely superb though. It was a rich dark red color -- after about 30 days in the wine barrel.

Each family has its own wine cellar -- with a wooden barrel with a tap. Need wine? Just walk downstairs with a plastic jug and fill 'er up. 

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